Thursday, November 3, 2016

Skechers End of Season Sale

I was supposed to share this last August but I totally forgot about it. I just remembered it today when I'm cleaning my photo gallery. 

Last July 29, I received a text from Skechers regarding their End of Season Sale. #skechers

“Skechers End of Season Sale is happening on August 1-31! Get 50% off on footwear plus lots of discounts promos to choose from. Enjoy comfort & style with Skechers” 

But I did not bother to go to the store because I have no budget for shopping but I’ve been meaning to buy their Go Walk Shoes for so long. Last August, my husband decided to bring us to Singapore for my birthday celebration. Yey! So few days before the trip we went to SM Southmall.  

We’re supposed to buy luggage but we ended up buying Skechers shoes. #skechershoes Good thing they have a branch in Southmall. 

So we checked the sale but unfortunately, the one I like is not on sale but I still bought it because I really need comfy shoes for our SG trip and birthday ko naman. lol

P2865 - sale price
I can’t remember the original price of the two shoes but I think we got it for 20-30% discount. 

P2555 - sale price
I bought Skechers shoes last year so this year I bought Skechers shoes again for my son. Birthday gift (thanks to Wowa) din so he waited for almost 2 months pa bago magamit. Hehehe! But I'm happy because I got a discount. 

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Anyway, we are happy with our Skechers shoes, indeed they are comfortable shoes.


  1. I'll be honest here, I never had a Skechers shoes my entire life! haha. Maganda tong shoes nya, mukhang durable. Pero in all fairness no, grabe ang mahal na talaga ng mga bilihin ngayon, at 2500+ o, sale price na sya. Magkano kaya original price nito?

    1. True, mahal siya pero durable and comfortable shoes talaga. I tried buying yung mura pero hindi sinusuot ng anak ko kasi masakit daw sa paa. Gift naman ng Wowa niya yan, kaya tipid ako. hehehe!

  2. I don't really use walking shoes. I'm a sandals kind of girl. But I've been eyeing Sketchers for so long now because there are times when comfortable walking shoes can really be useful.

  3. Sketchers is one brand I would prefer than others. I know that it is durable and love the designs, too.