Sunday, February 5, 2017

Don’t be a Victim of Phishing Scam

Nowadays, criminals find ways to obtain financial information through text messages, social media accounts and even emails. Most of the time these unknown emails go straight to spam folder but there are times you will see this in your inbox. Bad guys copied legitimate websites and emails so if you will not check carefully, you might fall for this scam. 

Last January 21, I received an email from I retype the message so you can read the sample clearly but I did not change any word. 

After two days, I received another letter from They are using BPI Logo but still, it doesn’t look legit. 

Why I did not believe this letter? 

1. Reading the email is enough proof that this is not from BPI, just check the grammar and how they compose the letter. 

2. They send this to my blog email address not my personal email. 

3. I don’t have any credit card with BPI. 

But if you have credit cards with BPI or any credit card company, don’t be a victim of Phishing scam. Don't click anything nor give any personal information. 

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Update: March 2017

I received another Phishing Scam email from MetrobankDirect, email is