Wednesday, February 10, 2016

French Brand Lipault Makes Travel Colorful and Fun

Who says your travel luggage has to be drab and unexciting? With Lipault of Paris making its grand entry into the Philippines, you can traipse around the world with colorful, ultra-lightweight, luxurious but durable travel gear in tow.

Launched in 2005 by French designer Francois Lipovetsky and acquired by Samsonite International in 2014, the chic, youthful brand is now known as the go-to luggage option that satisfies the trademark Parisian style—luxurious yet understated, fashionable yet functional. Lipovetsky developed Lipault’s signature Plume collection, known for being ultra-lightweight so as not to bog you down as you dash to catch your flight, while remaining durable to let you pack everything you need. Made using durable nylon and vinyl fabric, the collection is better known for its bright palette of hues that go perfectly well with the outfit of your choice. 

Thoughtfully designed to meet the dynamic lifestyle of savvy travelers, especially women, Lipault has a color and a design to go with your changing needs– whether it’s for a long-haul business flight, a family vacation to the beach, or a simple road trip to your favorite weekend getaway. The brand’s product range includes business and laptop bags, handbags and totes, and softside and hardside suitcases—all made to confer an air of smartness and freshness into your travel wardrobe.

Bring a splash of color and excitement into your travel gear with Lipault’s versatile and hard-working luggage. Check out Lipault’s wide assortment of bags and luggage at the J.S. Trunk & Co. store at The Podium Mall to discover how you can bring style and purpose into your travel wardrobe. 

Samsonite: Lipault Collection 


A bag must-have, Lipault’s Toilet Kit is perfect for your bathroom necessities. Featuring an interior pocket and double zipper closure, you can store your essentials in this handy Kit neatly and safely. With this Toilet Kit, you don’t have to go through the hassle of digging into your bag to look for your lipstick or face powder. Just grab the Kit and you’re good to go. 


Planning to go on a quick weekend getaway? Spend the perfect weekend with your family and friends using the sturdy and functional Lipault’s Weekend Bag. Sized for 1-3 days away, you can store clothes and a few more pairs of shoes in this Weekend Bag conveniently. With Lipault’s Weekend Bag, you can say goodbye to bulky suitcases and say hello to an easy, breezy trip. 


Be on-the-go with Lipault’s Bowling Handbag! Whether you’re going to the gym or running errands, this Bowling Handbag by Lipault will surely serve you well — both in style and in function. Equally gorgeous and durable, this Bowling Handbag is officially your trusty companion no matter where you go and what you do. 


Take this Hobo Handbag from Lipault anywhere and everywhere with you! Designed to fit any occasion, it’s the perfect work to weekend companion. A carry-it-all bag, you can practically dump everything in this Hobo Bag and get on with your day in a jiffy. Because the Hobo Bag is ultra light-weight, it’s comfortable to carry around, too, so you don’t have to worry about any inconvenience at all. 


Lipault’s Tote Bag is beautifully designed and crafted to meet your practical requirements. Elegant, stylish and vibrant, you can show off your Tote Bag during every occasion. Store your essentials in the spacious compartment of Lipault’s Tote Bag, and carry it everywhere you go with its long handle straps designed for your comfort and convenience.


See the world in style and with ease with Lipault’s Spinner! Ultra light-weight and durable, Spinner is the perfect luggage to bring whenever you’re going on an adventure. Fast turns, sharp curves, speed bumps — name it. This bag can get through it all. With Spinner, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying your luggage around whether you’re taking the bus to a foreign city or exploring the countryside by foot. Because of Spinner’s intelligent and gorgeous design, it is clearly the best travel buddy you could ever have.

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