Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Christmas Decorations

I went to S&R last Sunday and I was surprised to see the different display of Christmas decorations and ornaments. They start selling Chirstmas stuff already.

We know that Christmas decorations and ornaments are not cheap so I don’t really change my decorations every year. I just buy one or two items every year to add to our collections. I’ve bought some in S&R like my ornaments and Christmas Village. 

Sharing to you the Christmas stuff in S&R.


Holiday Lantern P945.95

Christmas Ornaments

4 pc Christmas Ornaments P419.95, Angel Figurine P179.95, Porcelain Angel P199.95
Wooden Nutcracker P1,299.95
 3 pc Snowman Family P1,199.95
Christmas Village

20 pc Christmas Village P5,999.95
Musical Led Tree P3,799.95
Musical Village P4,699.95
Nativity Set

9 pc Nativity Set P1,299.95
16 pc Nativity Set P6,199.95


  1. Christmas really is near! I can't wait. It's one of m favorite Holidays! Those decorations are awesome.

  2. We can already sense the Christmas season everywhere.
    Same with you, every year we just bought few items to add in our collection. This year, I am planning to make crochet ornaments. Kaso, with very busy schedule, hanggang ngayon di ko pa din matapos ung Santa stocking for our door.

  3. Lovely decorations! <3 They are wonderful.

  4. Thinking of setting up a Nativity in our home. I will check this out at S&R when we go back there. I am excited for Christmas.

  5. You can really determine if Christmas is coming when your neighbors are starting to put Christmas decoration. The snowman decor looks great.

  6. oh i would love to have some of those decors at the house for this Christmas season. too bad that we can't afford to put decorations anywhere here because our dog might eat it or break it. :P

  7. I want a Nativity set next year... meantime, our avocado tree outside dances with led Christmas lights. :-)